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The HandCarry, offering the best logistic solutions that aid the growth of businesses globally. With our services that stand out and compliment the businesses, we aim at making this approach more fruitful and beneficial for everyone.


Next Flight Out is one of the fastest ways of delivery of shipments. It offers a great way to reduce transit time as it guarantees the delivery of shipments in the fastest time possible. Next Flight Outcomes at a premium as it is for urgent circumstances where last-minute delivery is required, this might be one of the best alternatives to deliver time-critical packages.

Next Flight Out shipping is a top-level priority service that ensures delivery of packages with at most security and least time possible anywhere in the world.


International Next Flight Out is the delivery of shipments from one place to another in the fastest time possible. The shipment is delivered through optimized flights as cargo. Here, the most optimal route will be selected for the delivery of the shipment to its destination. This service ensures the safest delivery between different countries; this can be helpful for time-sensitive shipments.

HandCarry with its expanded network that is spread globally, is providing assured services so that your delivery of the important and time-restricted items is processed efficiently.

HOW DOES THE NEXT FLIGHT OUT WORK? / Process of Next Flight Out

Next Flight Out is among the best delivery services to ship your urgent packages worldwide, so the whole process from the retrieval to delivery of your package should require the least time possible, so firstly collect all the details related to package delivery such as origin and destination address, dimension, weight, etc. Next, we locate the airports which are nearest to origin and destination and then we find optimal flights departing and arriving at these airports. With all this information we immediately dispatch to collect the parcel so that it could reach its destination in the least time possible.


NFO is a time-critical shipping solution that ensures your delivery of packages at an accelerated pace and with high security, so this service is used for either product for urgent delivery or shipment of some special products such as:

  • AUTOMOTIVE PARTS: The automotive parts are the different pieces of the car, which are manufactured separately and then further assembled; they are even used to repair cars, there is a huge demand for such products in the whole world, so Next Flight Out is used to supply these parts in the fastest way possible.
  • SATELLITE & BROADCASTING: The communication department can be benefitted from NFO services, due to its time-critical deliveries. The Next Flight Out services provide exceptional aid to this industry.
  • HNI'S PERSONAL DELIVERIES: High Net Worth Individuals or HNI’s are the people with a net worth of up to a crore or more. Their personal deliveries which have to be urgently delivered can be carried out by Next Flight Out services.
  • MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT : The rapid increase in the consumption of video content has garnered a lot of attention these days, where NFO services can help a lot in immediate deliveries of sensitive deliverables in this industry.
  • HEALTHCARE & PHARMACEUTICAL: Healthcare and pharmaceutical products are important and they have to be delivered on time without any delay and with some special attention and safety.
  • Network & Telecoms: Our outstretched global network can be very handy to industries like Network and Telecoms, and Next flight services shall be the cherry on the cake for sensitive consignments.
  • Routed Deliveries: Multiple deliveries with a single route that can be dropped off on the same route also are the part of services we offer at HandCarry. This type of Next Flight Out Services helps us offer better quotes and those that are very reliable for the businesses.
  • Same-Day Freight: Next flight Out services are known for carrying out time-critical consignments. With so much precision that same-day deliveries are also aided by Handcarry.
  • AOG's: Importing or exporting your aircraft parts anywhere in the world. The far-reaching networks and partnerships that we have to help us in the immediate transportation of the required goods. We will be quickly and efficiently available to get the aircraft back in service at the earliest possible.