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The HandCarry offers the Importer of Record services with a whole and sole purpose to help businesses grow. Our remarkable growth in the industry is only because of our approach which has always been organic and trustworthy, our goals are very clear to help our clients with the best of experiences; we organize every bits and parts of our services so that our clients get a hassle-free experience. The HandCarry is bridging businesses to connect lives worldwide.

At HandCarry we align our goals to a vision to help as many businesses as possible with a global approach. We prioritize the convenience of the clients to be able to give them the best of services. Import services were never this simple. We will help you reach every corner, with the easiest routes.

What do we do?

The world is shrinking, you can access the information of any part of the world, with too little effort, and the technology is escalating to heights unimagined. But does the same imply if you need to export materials for your business? Is the import of goods internationally as simple as it seems? No, because when international business is involved, the complications and rules that you need to consider are much more complex and even a little negligence can cost you a big deal. But you needn’t worry or fear when you have HandCarry’s Importer of Record services.

The Importer of Record services offered by HandCarry will provide you all the services with the ease and convenience that is required. Be it the strict rules and regulations, taxes to be paid, custom duties that you need to abide by, and many more hurdles that come in your way while you are planning to import goods internationally.

The Benefits of an Importer of Record Services:

Importing of required goods internationally isn’t easy is known to us, the compliances are innumerable, with different types of goods and the quantity, the rules applicable might get much more complex. While for most businesses that aim at the global audience importing becomes undeniable. While traveling to the country that exports required goods aren’t always a possible option, however, due to the Importer of Record services it is definitely possible to have your physical presence over there. All the legal valuations required will be carried out by the third party. The company providing Importer of the Records services will monitor all these including the classified goods and its smooth transport to your doorstep.

What does the Importer of Record Service include?

Importer of Record services includes an array of services that range from looking after the minute details of the information that is required while importing goods internationally. The services also include paying for the accurate charges of the goods, paying the other taxes and deliverables to the government and the providers. It also includes the signing of the declarations with the government and other official authorities. Any other certifications if required need to be signed to get a hassle-free importing of the goods.

Why Choose The HandCarry as Your Importer of Record?

Importing of goods from a distant place is always something to be worried about because the risks and other hurdles that are present require too much attention and detailing of the process that the goods are reached the destination in its perfect shape and size. But one of the most important steps that you need to pay the most attention to is to choose the right Importer of the Record service provider.

HandCarry is been in the business for ages now, they provide services that are reliable and streamlined. The Importer of Service record was created by CBP in the year 1993, but it has gained importance in recent years due to the requirement of the import and export for nurturing Businesses.

Here’s How the HandCarry Works:

We at HandCarry provide complete aid for the smooth transport of goods from one place to another. We have been providing trustworthy services for ages now, which makes us one of the most reliable services providers. We prioritize customer experiences. We believe in the value addition of the lives of people. The safety of the goods is equally important to us. We rely on our top-class management staff to bring you the best of services.

Connecting businesses internationally to globalize the approach of markets is our mission.

How does it work?

Importer of Record services has certain important steps that need to be followed diligently to garner desired results. While as clients your most important step would be choosing the right service provider who values their customer the most. And as services providers, we need to stick to certain steps that can get the maximum profitable approach.

Our Advantages:

The key features of The HandCarry that make us the best of service providers are:

  • Top Class Management facilities that guide you through the processes rightly.
  • Associations with the government authorities that help the process run smoothly
  • The inspections of the imports and monetary compliances audits related to documents and other investigation needs to be carried out.
  • Efficient and risk-free process.

How are our Importer of Record Service Fees Calculated?

The fee structure to avail Importer of the Record depends on various factors and does vary from place to place. It also depends on the type and quantity of the goods that are being imported. Different countries have different fees and taxes associated with the places. But you needn’t worry the fees that we charge for the project are priced by our team that considers all aspects before finalizing the prices.

Our fees are reliable and 100% accurate and you will find it worth the process.

How to book Importer on Record Services?

While the importance of Importer of record services is known it might not be very easy to book the right service provider due to a lot of other factors that need to be considered. We assure the quality of services offered due to our age-old experience. We have been striving to provide the best of and worthy process to our customers that they can always rely on.

And reaching out to us is one click away. You can contact us and we will make sure of your concern is treated like our own and resolved at the earliest possible to provide you a very smooth functioning business

Requirements for Importer of Record

The best of Importer of service providers in India have a very streamlined process that helps our customers rely on us completely. The network that is widespread globally can easily connect you to any part of the world that you want to get connected to.

Importers of Record services do have some major requirements to meet that can be considered while importing the required goods. But with HandCarry none of this should bother the clients we provide hands-on services that one can always rely on completely. All you need to do is, reach out to us and explain your requirement and we will make sure to fulfill all your necessities abiding by the rules. Because our goals are simple, we strive to deliver best of the customer oriented service.