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At The HandCarry, we aim to surface the transportation work with light and comfortable services that anyone can have access to. The HandCarry is a passionate logistic service provider. With our exceptional dedicated ground services, we aid all land deliveries efficiently. We aim to provide the Best Dedicated Ground Services in India and globally too.

What is a Dedicated Ground Service?

Dedicated ground service is a very important service we provide that supports all types of ground transportation. We here try to put all our efforts to make sure to deliver your packages, reach safely and on time.

Transportation being a very essential part of delivery we at HandCarry make sure to work on the intricacies of the same. We with the help of our widespread network provide the best-dedicated ground transport and dedicated ground logistics, Airport Ground handling company, Ground Handling services in airports, Airport Ground Handling Services, etc.

Ground transportation is one of the complicated forms of transportation when compared to all other forms of transportation. That is because Ground Transportations are time-consuming due to the necessity of the on-road vehicle to surpass many check-ins, and that also results in cost hike and it varies from place to place. But we at HandCarry make sure to provide the best services at an affordable and convenient price and the Best Ground Transportations Services in India.

From the beginning, our mission has been to provide all kinds of delivery services that all businesses can rely on and we also aim to become the world's preferred delivery service company and Dedicated Ground Services company and try to improve the way we work and we also aim to provide sustainable growth and support to businesses of all scale. We strive to connect globally.

Our Advantages:

We at HandCarry know the value of time and believe it to be the most important commodity, so to make sure our valued customers make the most of their time we try to be punctual and try to carry out all the processes as smoothly as possible.

We, with our skilled employees, help you transport any goods from one place to any required destination and provide Ground services in India without any issues or complications. We try to give our best and even try to improve with every project that we carry out.

Ramp handling:

Ramp handling is the operation that is carried out when the aircraft is stationed before departure. These operations are critical and require trained staff so that the work for allotted departments is carried out well. The Ramp Handling include many services such as loading and off-loading aircraft, Baggage make-up staffing, Marshalling, etc

Passenger services:

Our top management staff plays an important role in offering care and support to all our passengers. Our professionally trained employees make sure to have smooth and trouble-free handling of passengers from check-in to boarding.

Our employees are highly trained to offer assistance and help to the passengers who need some extra support.

Customer relations:

We HandCarry believe that the customer is the most important part of any business and to maintain a long-term and loyal relationship is one of our most important objectives and the customer satisfaction is one of the important factors, so with our affordable and convenient process try to meet their demands and satisfy them.

Executive Lounges:

We at HandCarry have made sure to provide the most comfortable experience to our passengers with our lounges which are fully equipped to meet our customer's needs, no matter their class of travel.


Maintenance is one of the important factors in quality assurance and the ground handling service, Whilst the aircraft is on the ground the routine inspection is carried out by engineers to rectify minor mistakes and make entries in the aircraft technical log and even the flight crews perform a preflight inspection of aircraft.

Meet and Greet:

We at HandCarry know that greeting is a vital part of courtesy and goodwill so we try to improve your whole airport experience by greeting you warmly before going through all other airport formalities. At HandCarry our clients are most important to us and making them feel special through a small greeting is the least we could do.


The baggage are taken special care of and are sorted as per weight, the baggage which exceeds the limit are checked at a different terminal, for acceptance of oversized baggage, and to make these processes smoother the activities are carried out by our trustworthy employees, here coordination and security are the key elements in this process. Special care has to be taken for dangerous goods and is made sure they are correctly handled.

HandCarry is connecting lives by networking throughout the globe by providing exceptional services in logistics. The precision and the consistency of trustworthy work that we aim to provide is also to make the client's experience a worthy one. HandCarry focuses on the retention of those clients that we have because it is them who have made us who we are, and will always strive to provide better services and keep pushing our service standards high.